BD_001_Liddington_Trig_Point  BD_027_Charlbury_Hill_Trig_Point

Ordnance Survey grid references and Global Positioning Satellite coordinates are two complementary ways to locate oneself in urban and rural environments. I am using both systems to chart a section of the Ridgeway that I regard as home ground, the route from Liddington Castle, an ancient hill fort, to the more easterly Charlbury Hill. The trigonometric points at both locations act as boundaries between which I have identified points of interest such as objects and structures, both temporary and more enduring, that characterize the area. Through attributing waypoints (electronic pinpoints) to these features, I am constructing a personal map of the space.

‘Still Me’ Exhibition 20-24 June The Old Truman Brewery

I am showing a series of self-portraits that explore the impact of breast cancer and its treatment on body image and concept of self in the Free Range Photography Degree Show at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London from 20 to 24 June.

The photographs were stimulated by impending hair loss caused by chemotherapy. Initially, I experienced sadness and apprehension but as I experimented through the medium of photography, I began to engage with broader issues such as temporality and permanence; fitness and frailty; serenity and spirituality; beauty and disfigurement represented by the symbols and personae I adopted and assumed. The process encouraged openness, acceptance and a sense of playfulness.

I shall be in the gallery from 10 to 4 on Monday 24 June. It would be good to see you there.