BD_001_Liddington_Trig_Point  BD_027_Charlbury_Hill_Trig_Point

Ordnance Survey grid references and Global Positioning Satellite coordinates are two complementary ways to locate oneself in urban and rural environments. I am using both systems to chart a section of the Ridgeway that I regard as home ground, the route from Liddington Castle, an ancient hill fort, to the more easterly Charlbury Hill. The trigonometric points at both locations act as boundaries between which I have identified points of interest such as objects and structures, both temporary and more enduring, that characterize the area. Through attributing waypoints (electronic pinpoints) to these features, I am constructing a personal map of the space.

Published by Barbara Dixon

I trained as an art teacher at Avery Hill College, Eltham in the 70s majoring on drawing and sculpture. Since then I have worked in education with schools, local authorities, the Health Service, the Open University and the Department for Work and Pensions. Going freelance in the early 90s enabled me to work on arts projects in Swindon and in the Midlands. I began work with Swindon Borough Council Arts in the early 2000s working as a freelance artist, Visual Arts Officer, Art Gallery Officer and Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Manager. From 2010 onwards I studied photography from GCSE up to Masters level. At present I am focusing on drawing and painting whilst benefitting from skills and knowledge gained from photography. I am very interested in the process of making art whatever the subject or medium.

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